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An electric Micah Bucey, who does more than radiate

star power: he injects needed life into a story.

The New York Times on the 2006 NYC musical The Book of the Dun Cow


I'm a Tony voter and voted for Kiki & Herb...Micah Bucey

seems cut from the same terrifying cheesecloth...

taking the idea of an insane, outrageous club act

to new and depraved heights and extremes.

New York Press on the 2007 NYC musical Fitz and Walloughs Get It In the End!


Bucey sings the numbers wonderfully and with great energy,

and delivers his banter with the voice and timing of Carol Channing.

BroadwayWorld.com on the 2007 NYC musical Fitz and Walloughs Get It In the End!


But the clear star of the show is Micah Bucey, brought out Hannibal Lecter-style in straightjacket and heavy restraints...who proceeds to explain he is an immortal gay singer, and all those great musical numbers crafted by such gay composers as Cole Porter, Jerry Herman, and Stephen Sondheim were actually written for him. The fact he was able to sing each song only once before it was snatched away by "some talentless busty fem-nugget" is what led to his current unfortunate state of madness.

It's difficult to effectively play a lunatic for laughs; and it's also hard to sing complex musical numbers in a compelling way. That Bucey manages to pull off both feats simultaneously is a small miracle—and results in one of the very best performances of the Festival.

HyReviews.com on the 2004 NYC musical The Only Thing Straight is My Jacket


Topping the list of talents is Micah Bucey, who at last year's FringeNYC won a Best Performance award for portraying a madman crooning love songs in a straightjacket.

This year, playing hero Seaman Stayne, he's even better.

Bucey has a powerful, expressive singing voice that's a pleasure to hear. But beyond those pipes, Bucey is a formidable comedic actor, with a great feel for wording and timing, and never-ending energy. For example, during periods when all the other actors are just standing around waiting for a song to end, Bucey is doing subtle things with his pliable face and body language to keep you laughing. In addition, he has a natural charisma and edginess that effortlessly draws your attention to him whenever he's on stage. Bucey's abilities would transfer readily to TV or film; and there's no male performer at this year's festival who more deserves to be a breakout star.

HyReviews.com on the 2005 NYC musical Fleet Week: The Musical


Micah Bucey has everything it takes to become a Broadway or mass media star.


Micah possesses the charisma of a young rock god, managing to convey sweetness, vulnerability, and menace all at the same time.


He also has a terrific feel for wording and timing, a powerful and expressive singing voice, and never-ending energy, which affords him great versatility. Micah's most obviously a great choice for musicals, because he's that rare performer who can both act and sing superbly.


However, Micah's also an utterly natural comedic actor, and would fit beautifully into any stage farce, film comedy, or sitcom.


In addition, he has a strong understanding of the dramatic, and is particularly adept at psychological and macabre drama.


In 2004, Micah very deservedly won the FringeNYC "Best Performance" award—triumphing over hundreds of other skilled actors—for his star turn in The Only Thing Straight is My Jacket, in which he played a straightjacketed madman singing love songs while attempting to strangle members of the audience.


In 2005, Micah delivered the most outstanding performance in the uniformly superb cast of Fleet Week: The Musical, a funny and tuneful show that won the FringeNYC "Best Musical" award.


And on February 14, 2006, Micah nabbed a rave review from Andrea Stevens in The New York Times for his darkly charged performance in the musical The Book of the Dun Cow.


Micah's other NYC theatre work includes acting in The House of Merry, Democracy in Islam,

The Rape of the Lock, Dr. Fix-Me-Up, Burn This, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, The History of the Devil (playing Jesus Christ), and the cabaret-style musical Fitz and Walloughs Get It In the End! (for which Micah both starred and wrote the lyrics).


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Micah Bucey's Resume

(917) 873-8316


Height: 6' 3"



Weight: 175 lbs.



Eyes: Brown



Hair: Dark Brown

New York Theatre

Fitz and Walloughs Get It In the End!

(Micah both starred and was the lyricist)


Ace of Clubs Theatre

The Book of the Dun Cow


West End Theatre

Fleet Week: The Musical

Stayn (lead)

Lucille Lortel Theatre

     Winner of 2005 FringeNYC Award for Outstanding Musical

The Only Thing Straight Is My Jacket

Micah! (lead)

Cherry Lane Theatre

     Winner of 2004 FringeNYC Award for Outstanding Performance

The House of Merry


Cooper Union Theatre

Democracy in Islam


Theater for the New City

The Rape of the Lock

Alexander Pope (lead)

Mazer Theatre

Dr. Fix-Me-Up


Manhattan Theatre Source

Burn This


Gerald Quinn Studio Theatre

The History of the Devil

Jesus Christ

Gerald Quinn Studio Theatre

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!


American Theatre of Actors


Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Slim, Dancing Joy


dir. Aaron Rhyne

Romeo and Juliet


dir. Jonathan Rosenberg

Mad Forest


dir. Jonathan Rosenberg

The Importance of Being Earnest


dir. Elizabeth Margid

Six Characters...


dir. Eva Patton

Teaching Yoga to Descartes


dir. Eve Bernfeld



dir. Karina Kramer-Schevers

The Other Five Percent


dir. Justin Costello



dir. Paul Mazza



Invincibility by Brendan Beseth


Manhattan Theatre Club Creative Center

     NYScreenwriters.org feature screenplay reading

Under Sunburnt Sky by Andrew Lobel

Multiple roles

Manhattan Theatre Club Creative Center

     NYScreenwriters.org feature screenplay reading



Fordham College at Lincoln Center


B.A. in Performance


Debra Hedwall, Julie Boyd, Matthew Maguire, Joan MacIntosh,


Lawrence Sacharow, Betty Buckley, Jonathan Rosenberg, Eva Patton


Steven Skybell


Sarah Felder, Walton Wilson, Judith Jablonka


Elayna Woods, Andrew Edwards


Dawn Saito, Kelly Maurer and members of the SITI company


Special Skills

Singing (High Baritone, seven years of training), Trumpet (fourteen years of training),

Piano (eight years of training), double-jointed thumbs.


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